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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Stone's Sublimely Self-Righteous

This beer is as good as they come. If you can find this on tap, get it! ~Shorty
Stone Brewery
Sublimely Self-Righteous Ale
ABV 8.7%
IBU 90

While I find this web logging beneath me, Shortenfellow and Robert have convinced me to place my higher thoughts into this network. So without further ado, I will now write to the masses. It appears Shorty has adequately informed you of the heightened numerical levels associated therein. I tend to be drawn to brown ales, so the color first attracted my attention as I watched the goblet delivered to a table nearby. While I typically don't allow petty stimuli such as this to call me to action, I was in the company of more earthly beings. Before ordering, I hesitated as the name was quite pretentious. While I do believe in a quiet confidence, this liquid refreshment has the nerve to be Self Righteous; so smug. But then the word Sublime did tickle my fancy, meaning uplifting or even transcendent. So perhaps this beer transcends the need to be sanctimonious. I will try it. Upon receiving the chaliced beverage, I was very pleased by the aroma. I would have enjoyed these moments longer had my dear guests not bellowed "Drink it, pussy." While I am not swayed by their name-calling, I prefer to avoid the visual attention, so I consumed my first mouthful. With a subtle swish around the cheeks and a controlled gulp, I was delighted, but moreso, I was taken aback... my goodness, this brown ale has hops. What a well-balanced combination. It was quite complex with subtleties I can't quite identify. Perhaps I'll have another to ascertain. Conceivably, this beer tasting and blogging is more refined and challenging than I suspected. For now, as Shorty mentioned "It's good; drink it." ~Bernard B├Ąch

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  1. Interesting take on something so sublimely simple...