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Sunday, April 25, 2010

FLASH ahhhah!... Blee Blay Bla Bla Blub Blah!

GREEN FLASH! West Coast IPA: Hands down this is the best beer we have had in a while. Friday night Started out slow.... Headed out later than usual. Bitter Bob, Bernard, myself (Shorty), and the most recent Grail seeker Alfie D'orah. Didn't think much was going to happen'... then I got punched in the face around 11pm by Green Flash's: West Coast IPA. Pearly Baker's Ale House in Easton, PA currently has this delectable delight on tap. From start to finish this beer is a Hoprod! High marks in all categories (still not sure what they are). Alfie says, " not 2 fruity, Bartender 2 fruity!" This beer hits hard in the beginning with pungent floral aromas. The first sip bites with a bitter grapefruit twang that will have your taste-buds wanting more and more, and well, maybe just one more. As happened to us this very evening. Generously hopped, amber in color, and skillfully carbonated this craft beer is definitely on the trail of the Grail. Also worth mentioning, the evenings musical entertainment local reggae masters: The Trouble City All-Stars.

Green Flash Brewing Vista, Ca
West Coast IPA
ABV 7%
IBU 95

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