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Sunday, April 18, 2010

Long Trail's brewmaster Series Double IPA

We were expecting to really enjoy this one... Many of this small Vermont Brewery's selections are tasty... their IPA, Double Bag, and Hibernator brews are all high on our "drink-ability" list. Unlike the other half of our fight card for this evening, This 22oz. only set us back $3.99. I really wanted to like this beer, but, to quote B.B. after taking his first sip... "you won't be buying a case of this." To bad too because at that price I would have been back there quick picking some up. If we had to choose a winner of the two... it would be this one. Much easier to drink and not nearly as bitter. Like the Moyland's this beer had no real bouquet to speak of. It did however, have the strange taste of melon? Cantaloupe, or Honey Dew we couldn't really put our finger on it. It was a little strange but if you like "melons" then maybe you'll dig it. We were expecting a more traditional style Double IPA clean and bright, well balanced, with maybe that punch of citrus hoppyness that is oh so delicious. No such luck this time. And so our quest continues.... one bottle or pint at a time. Thanks for reading... -Shorty
Long Trail Brewery Vermont
Brewmaster Series Double IPA
ABV 8.6%
IBU 100+

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