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Saturday, July 30, 2011

"it's gettin hot in here"

Let's get  saucy!
Owner and chef Kelly Jo Deitz and I sit down and dig in!

Tuesday was a day of profound creation. I was able to use the kitchen at Black & Blue to develop some seriously delicious wing sauces. The owner Kelly Jo and I sat down to sample some of my tantalizing wing creations. Among the top of the list were a Hot and honey sauce made with Southampton Double White and a seriously hot Ghost chili inspired number. Notable mentions where a dry spiced Memphis BBQ (I really liked this one),  a Red Curry and Lime Sauce and an IPA number made from Lagunitas's Hop Stoopid.  Look for B&B to be featuring some of these amazing sauces on a monthly basis.
"In all their glory!"
"Crispy deliciousness!"
Loaded with a couple of bags of ingredients and a ton of excitement I headed to Black & Blue to see what I could do. I should mention that the kitchen is ungodly hot yet impressively big. Cooking there was a pleasure and I am looking forward to many more creative excursions into their humble abode.  To the left: the wings are crispy fried and ready for sauce. My mouth is watering profusely at this point and I can hardly contain myself. Once I introduce the wings to the five new concoctions it's almost to much to bear.


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