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Monday, September 5, 2011

Whats Tappenin'!

So the tap system is up and rockin' and Last Wednesday I paid a visit to Stockertown Beverage (Stockertown, Pa) to peruse their fine selection brews.  A little back story here: I usually walk out of this distributor without purchasing anything due to their lack of customer service and general arrogance when it comes to selling beer. Yet, I found myself at their mercy once again. This visit however would prove to be very different. The norm would have been a banter back and forth "well what do you want?.." "I dunno what you got?" and on and on and on.... this time though I met a kind fellow by the name of Cody.... who quickly walked me through the coolers pointing out various beers that I might like, describing them as we went and quoting me prices no less.... as it turns out.... this place has or can get EVERYTHING you could ever want! On that particular day they had over seven IPA's in 1/6 barrels! Including a few double IPA's. At Cody's direction I finally decided on Summit Brewing's Silver Anniversary Ale. A 1/6 barrel for 59$. Let's just say that this beer is good! over 80 IBU's and an ABV of 6.5% make this a very drinkable beer. More in depth review to follow! -The Beer Gnome

Loved this show! the 70's were the Sh-t!

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